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Your Dentist Explains What to Do When Your Child’s Baby Teeth Erupt

February 2, 2018

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A toddler brushing their teeth.By the time your baby is between 6 months and 1 year of age, you can expect to see their two front teeth coming in. This can be a very exciting time for you as a parent; soon you’ll be brushing your teeth alongside them in the bathroom, singing songs to make sure they brush for long enough. But teaching them oral care isn’t just about developing good habits.

According to your dentist, baby teeth play a large role in your child’s oral development overall. With February being children’s dental health month, there’s no better time to protect your child from decay than now!


Save Money and Your Teeth by Visiting Your Dentist Regularly

January 5, 2018

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piggy bank with glasses calculatorAs you sit and reflect on your childhood, you can remember countless occasions where your mother spoke in the tone of prevention. She would tell you to put on a jacket before going outside so that you wouldn’t catch a cold. Or she would tell you not to stay awake all night playing with your toys because you’d struggle to get out of bed the next morning. And the funny thing is, she was always right. That’s why the old saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth more than 10 pounds of cure.” The same mentality applies to your oral health. The efforts you put into protecting your mouth, teeth and gums on the front end, protect you from problems you don’t want to have to deal with down the road. That’s why your dentist says it’s much better to come in for a visit before a minor issue can fester into a major occurrence.


Don’t Lose Your Benefits. Visit Your Dentist Today!

December 10, 2017

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woman receiving dental examThe health of your teeth and gums is not only important to your smile, but your general health as well. To prevent complications from developing, you brush your teeth twice a day and floss each night. However, if you are not visiting your dentist every six months, you are allowing preventable issues to develop. While you may believe that you are saving money by not using your dental benefits until after a problem has occurred, you are actually increasing your long-term costs for care. As the end of the year approaches, now is the time to maximize the value of your insurance policy to keep your smile healthy.

You Can’t See My Missing Teeth — Are Dental Implants Necessary?

November 14, 2017

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woman thinkingIf you’re missing teeth in the front of your mouth, you know how embarrassing those gaps can be. You might even hold back from smiling when the cameras come out! But what if you have missing teeth in the back of your mouth? Not a big deal, right? No one will notice that you’re a little gummy. Well… it is a big deal, actually. There are several reasons why you should consider getting dental implants to replace teeth no matter where the gaps in your mouth are.


Dental Insurance 101: Open Enrollment

October 19, 2017

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golden piggy bankIt’s October, which means the open enrollment period for your dental insurance benefits has just begun. This is the only time you can adjust your dental insurance coverage before the beginning of next year, so once January 1st rolls around, you’re locked into whatever plan you choose now. This is the best (and only) time to go over your benefits and consider making any changes, so to make that process a little easier, we’re going to discuss a few factors you should consider when it comes to your dental insurance. (more…)

Your Dentist Explains How Tobacco Affects Your Oral Health

September 12, 2017

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ashtray with cigarettesPeople smoke or chew tobacco for all sorts of reasons. Maybe you started when you were young because of peer pressure, or perhaps you use cigarettes to cope with stress. However, you know that using tobacco is one of the worst possible things you can do to your body. Every part of you — including your mouth — suffers. But exactly how does tobacco affect your oral health? Your dentist in Marysville is here to explain some of the possible consequences that this vice can have on your teeth and gums.


Invisalign in Marysville vs. Traditional Metal Braces

August 14, 2017

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woman holding bracesCrooked teeth are no fun. They can cause you to hold back from showing off your smile when you’re taking selfies with your besties. Plus, they can make it difficult to achieve a truly clean mouth when you’re brushing and flossing. You could look into the possibility of getting traditional metal braces, but many people have opted for Invisalign in Marysville instead. What are the major differences between these clear braces and their metallic counterparts?


Your Dentist in Marysville Discusses Dry Mouth and How to treat it

July 28, 2017

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Learn how to effectively treat your dry mouth from your dentist in Marysville.Dry mouth is uncomfortable! If you have it, you understand how irritating that burning, sticky, and dry feeling is. You’d probably do anything to relieve it! The good news for you is your dentist in Marysville can help. Here’s more information about dry mouth and how you can relieve your symptoms.


How Sports Drinks Damage Your Teeth from Your Dentist in Marysville

June 15, 2017

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Listen to the dentist in Marysville discuss sports drinks. With summer here, staying well-hydrated needs to be more of a focus, especially when you or your children are participating in outdoor activities. Those colorful sports drinks and powerful energy drinks are always enticing because they are a tasty alternative to plain water. And because they contain electrolytes, they can be helpful when your activity level is intense. However, they also have the potential to do some serious damage to your teeth. For this reason, your dentist in Marysville would rather you stick to good ol’ H2O for hydration this summer. Read on to learn more about how sports and energy drinks can harm your smile.


Dentist in Marysville Talks Custom Vs. One Size Mouthguards

May 16, 2017

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A custom mouthguard from your dentist in Marysville protects your teeth from hard hits to the mouth.Now that summer is practically here, more and more people will be participating in outdoor sports. A lot of people enjoy soaking up the suns rays while waterskiing, playing frisbee at the park, or another fun activity where they can get the whole family involved. Unfortunately, taking part in these athletic activities increase your chances of suffering from a dental emergency—one that can knock a tooth out! Your dentist wants to emphasize the importance of wearing a custom mouthguard from Darby Creek Dental.


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